What Are The Home Remedies For Athlete’ Foot


Tinea Pedis or the Athlete’s foot is a skin infection caused by the Trichophyton mentagrophytes which are a type of fungus. It causes itchiness, redness or dryness of the skin. But, sometimes it does not create itchiness. It can be spread easily by direct or indirect contact with the affected person. So, be careful in sharing your items like bed sheets, socks or towel, etc. Athlete’s foot hits the area of your feet and toenails. It may also attack on your hands so when you touch your feet then wash your hands thoroughly.

Focal Points of Athlete’s Foot:

It is an infection caused by a fungus that invades the skin. It may occur on sides of the feet or between the toenails. Once symptoms appear it becomes necessary to cure it immediately. There are some Home Remedies For Athlete’s Foot but in case the symptoms get worst then consult with a specialist otherwise, it may cause:

  • Low athletic performance
  • Destruction to the nail toes
  • Infection to the other parts of the body

Some Home Remedies:


Following are some Home Remedies For Athlete’s Foot that help to cure this skin infection:

  • Take five tea bags but not the herbal tea and add them into the boiling water for five minutes. After the water is bearable, then soak your feet for half an hour into that water.
  • Add two teaspoon of salt into water and soak your feet for thirty minutes.
  • Take one tablespoon of soda and add water to make a mixture. Apply this mixture on your feet and rub. When it becomes dry rinse water and, wash it.
  • Australian tea tree oil also works as antiseptic. Take olive oil and mix it with tea tree oil and then apply this on your affected feet.
  • Calendula is used for treating the wounds. It is anti-fungus and anti-inflammatory. Apply this to your affected toenails.
  • A simple tip is never going barefoot in a soggy environment and doesn’t share your clothes and socks with affected person.
  • Mustard oil also helps to cure fungus. You can sue mustard powder as well.
  • Lemon Juice also works in this regard.
  • Plain yogurt is beneficial for curing the fungus simply apply this on your feet and upon dryness wash your feet

Use all the home remedies for two to three weeks if the problem still exists then it is better to visit the doctor. But, with these remedies cleanliness and precautionary measures are of immense importance. Try to keep your feet clean all the time and change your socks daily. Try to wear the open shoes to let your feet breath. Use flip-flops or slippers when you are around the pool area. You can use Tinactin cream. It is possible to get the infection again if you do not take care of your feet. If your feet are sweaty, and you have to wear the long and tight shoes then try to open your feet for some time.


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