Thing Knows About Candidiasis of the Skin and Nails Pictures


The candidiasis of the skin and nails grow in the scaly skin or the area of rash and itches. If you feel all these things it means you are suffering from the fungal infection. It can be affected by any person but if the person is a sportsman and involved in the physical practices then the chance of this infection is very high for him. The fungal disease also affects the feet it causes the infection between the toe and it is growing on the side of the feet and look like a foot moccasin. It is spread from person to person and it also spread within the body from one part to another. It affects the following areas:

  • A vagina of a female.
  • The mouth.
  • On the nails.
  • The underarms.
  • The feet.
  • Folded skin.

If the infection is increase then you need to ask the doctor and get the diet plan and also ask about the medication. The time period of the medication depends on the affected part of the body it may be used for few weeks. The nail infection takes a long time for treatment as compared to skin diseases it about three to four months required to cure it. If the infection affected the nails of the finger then it will take six weeks. Immediately treatment is very helpful it stop to spread the infection to any other area of the body. If you want to get cure soon then the only immune system will help you if the strong immune system has you then you can quickly reduce it.

For the prevention there some important points always keep in mind that keep your body in the dry area and do not share their things with any other person because it is spread from one person to another person. The socks which are made some wicking material it decrease the moisture so must wear it for the prevention of your feet. Normally the candidian of the skin and nail treatment is done at the home by using some herbal items and it goes away in a week. If the person does not have strong health then he must go to the doctor and take a proper treatment. Most of the female cure the female yeast infection at home by using the fluconazole tablet.


Sometimes it affects at the corner of the mouth and then mouth swallow the liquid you can maintain it by proper oral hygiene. Everything which you give into child’s hand or put into the mouth of a child must wash it. The mother who feed their baby she must examine the candidiasis of the skin and nails infection before the feed otherwise it will not only affect you but it also harmful for the baby. Your clothes should be neat and clean and the dentures also wash after the each use for the good hygiene. The treatment for the adults have many different options but it is not available for the babies like heavy pills, troches, and fluconazole.


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