The Very Cost Efficient Way to Reduce Heart Attacks


Nutritional supplement which is formulated by famous Dr. Bereliani has great blend of three important antioxidants so as to ensure a strong heart, low cholesterol levels along with cardio-circulatory tasks. Being one of the ideal health supplements which is antioxidant based consist of various vitamins that improve your overall health. The impactful ingredients are NCA, CoQ10 & PQQ. These are efficient in delivering needed antioxidant support to deal out daily stress, habits as well as foods. It helps in maintaining exact oxidation level in body. Oxidation is the main reason behind aging and can also lead to various diseases. There are number of advantages which are addressed & supported by vitapulse.


These are mentioned as-

  • Improves as well as maintain good cardiovascular functionality.
  • It can boost up mitochondrial health as well.
  • Lowers fat and cholesterol level.
  • It offers great protection to the human body against DNA or the cellular damage.
  • It can control blood pressure level.
  • Can be used in conditions of joint & knee pain.

In the entire world, heart diseases are the major causes of deaths. Out of four people, one has the possibility of getting heart sickness due to one or the other reason. Vitapulse thus aims at offering maximum nutritional supplement so that risk of heart diseases can be reduced. It can boost re-growth of energy factories i.e. mitochondria by lowering cholesterol in body. Dr. Bereliani who is regarded as internal medicine as well as cardiovascular specialist has created such product for increasing life expectancy rate of the country.

By using antioxidants power, this health supplement works very proficiently. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and D along with folic acid are being used in it. Advanced formulae of antioxidants like NCA, PQQ furthermore CoQ10, are being used in it.

Overview of each ingredient-

  1. NAC or N-Acetyl Cysteine- it is one of the building block made up of protein. According to advanced studies it has been proved that this very nutrient can prevent the growth of cancer cells in human. It helps in reducing risk factors which can cause any heart disease. Homocysteine level can be effectively treated by use of this element.
  2. PQQ or Pyrroloquinoline Quinone- it is regarded as a chemical which works just like a super powered antioxidant. It reduces the heart’s damage area and therefore avoids the condition of heart attacks. It can be used as a treatment element after a stroke as well.
  3. Ubiquinone- the chemical name of this element is CoQ10. Being used in anti aging creams it also offers numerous heart benefits. It can also boost metabolic activities.

According to the latest clinical reports it has been stated that daily intake of vitapulse capsule can help in overcoming nutrient deficiency and thus there will be lessen risk to heart. A Princeton nutrient is the company which makes this supplement. You can obtain this product directly from the company’s website or even can buy it from various shopping portals. Buying it from third party is not recommended universally. Ultra killer is another health supplement sold by manufacturers of vitapulse.


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