The Fungal Infection Athlete’s Foot Home Remedies


Athlete’s Foot Home Remedies :

The fungal infection athlete’s foot is caused by wearing tight shoes all the long day or walking barefoot on a contaminated surface. It can be spread easily through direct or indirect contact with the affected person. Though the symptoms are not so serious but sometimes the case becomes complicated. So, the best way to keep this skin infection away is to take precautionary measures. In this article, we will discuss the prevention, cure and Athlete’s Foot Home Remedies.

The Reasons Of Suffering From Athlete’s Foot:

The athlete’s foot is a skin infection that occurs when the yeast grows on the skin of your feet. It can be passed from one person to another easily. The causes or reasons of getting this infection are keeping the feet wet all the time, walking barefoot in the places where fungus thrives or sharing a towel, socks, and shoes with the affected person. If you have a minor skin and nail injury, then try to cure it as soon as possible.

The fungus may cause irritation, inflammation, pain, scale, swelling or itchiness to your skin. It is possible to be suffered from blisters too when the fungus attacks your feet. If the affected person scratches the skin, then there is a risk of spreading the infection to palms, hands too.


Preventions To Keep Fungus Away:

The main victims of the athlete’s foot are the sportsmen and athletes, but that does not mean any other person cannot get infected. It is better to take precautionary measures instead of finding ways to cure. Keep your towel and clothes always clean. Do not wear the same shoes daily. Wear clean socks and if your feet are too sweaty then keep an extra pair of socks with you. Keep your feet dry as the fungus hangs out in a damp and soggy environment. Eat healthy food and avoid the eatables that make the immune system weak. If the symptoms are severe, immediately consult with the doctor.


There are Athlete’s Foot Home Remedies that make it easy to get rid of the fungus. The ingredients that are available at home help us to cure it. For example, yogurt is always there at your home so; you can apply it onto your feet and when it dries wash your feet. It will kill the fungus. Similarly, you can use mustard oil. Apply the mustard oil on your feet. Garlic is also all the time available ingredient in every kitchen. Use the crushed garlic and add it to warm water then soak your feet in that solution. Garlic has the anti-fungal properties. It is also said that the person’s saliva helps to cure athlete’s foot. Though its bit tacky but, apply your own saliva on the affected part of your feet. Whatever the remedy you use would result in success if you do it continuously for two to three weeks. But if you find no improvement then do not waste your time and consult the doctor immediately.


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